Boost your daily beverages with CBD oil

How to make your drinks be more than just a normal cup or glass, CBD-infused drinks are becoming popular amongst people after it becomes ubiquitous and can be found every corner in the street. Why is it so popular? Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants in East Asia and has been recognised as a recreational, medical remedies using in ritual and religion activities for over 2500 years as it contains and produces psycoactive compounds. Little do we know about this plant in the past but since there are more studies, not only Cannabis can make you high but also the greatness of its benefits that can change the perception of these green fibre leaves.


Not only caffeine can wake you up from morning grogginess of not getting enough sleep, it can also increase adrenaline levels in your blood and elevate your mood. We all know the benefits of caffeine in coffee but how about CBD oil and caffeine? For many people, drinking coffee can cause them stomach aches but if you drink it with CBD oil, this will help alleviate nervousness and stomach aches often experienced when drinking caffeinated beverages. But you should be prepared if you add CBD oil in coffee because if it’s not water-soluble CBD, there will be the trace of oil floating on the surface of your coffee as it cannot emulsify but that’s not a big problem you can still drink it just give it a good stir before drinking it. Then, add the broad-spectrum tincture of your choice and blend again to be sure the oil is well-mixed.


Smoothies reminds me of drinking milkshake with no regrets. With all frozen fruits and berries, green leaves and stems, seeds or nuts, sweeteners or protein of your choice, smoothies is one of the perfect beverages CBD oil easily infused into. Most CBD oil come with no taste or scent so this would not bother you with the peculiar oily or veggie smell, just 1-2 drops and then blend 20-30 seconds until it becomes smooth, the health benefits of smoothies can be further enhanced by CBD to maintain health and wellness. 

Milk (Dairy or plant-based)

Form animal to plant-based milk, the great source of protein that is easily to find in your adjacent supermarket and local stores, milk is an incredible protein we are growing up drinking, CBD can be added to your glass of hot or cold milk an hour before bedtime. By doing so, you’ll feel the relaxing effects of CBD, which can help set your mind and body to sleep mode not only the good sleep benefit but it also helps boosting the immune system and lowering blood sugar. If only plain milk be a bit boring, try making yourself a cup of hot chocolate or hot cocoa with the addition of CBD, let the mellow aroma of cacao particles give you a goodnight kiss.

As CBD is known for its versatility. With all the beverages you can add CBD oil to, you can incorporate it into almost any part of the day. 

Source: https://www.cannariver.com/blogs/community/beverages-you-can-add-cbd-oil-to