CBD Skincare

CBD Skincare

Is this just a trend or an amazing discovery?

CBD has been a beauty buzzword for quite some time now. This comes as no surprise since it encompasses much of our current obsessions – natural beauty and stress-relief. When a single ingredient crates this much rumble you know it’s worth exploring further. What is it? Is it safe? Is it worth incorporating into your skincare routine?

CBD Skincare FAQ

Full spectrum hemp oil contains a wide range of fatty acids and compounds (including CBD) that are highly nutritious and may be especially helpful for the skin. Our CBD skincare products are made with all these beneficial components found in full spectrum hemp to deliver a more effective formula than CBD alone.

Because we are all unique how much you should use depends on various factors, including your beauty needs and the type of product. Please refer to our product pages for more information and suggested use.

With our full spectrum CBD skincare products, you’re taking in all of the different cannabinoids that the hemp plant has to offer, including 0.3% or less of THC. This ensures that you are getting the full natural benefits of hemp, as opposed to products that only use isolated CBD. However, it’s important to note that the THC content in our products complies with current industry regulations, so you can rest assured that you are getting full spectrum products that are completely safe for use.

Full spectrum CBD oil is considered the best option for skin due to the fact that it contains ALL the beneficial cannabinoids from hemp, including CBD, CBG, and CBN—not just CBD. All these components, together with CBD, work in tandem to deliver a wider range of benefits than CBD alone.

Consumption of any dietary supplement and/or topical application of products derived from hemp may result in a positive drug test. We make no representations regarding the outcome of a drug test taken at or near the time of consumption or application of hemp-derived products. If you are concerned about failing a workplace drug test, we suggest that you speak with your healthcare provider and your human resources departments.

If you are pregnant, we recommend consulting with a medical professional before starting a new hemp skincare regimen.

CBD Skincare Products



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Veritas Farms – CBD Topical – Full Spectrum Watermelon Lip Balm – 25mg