CBDfx Vape Kit Review

CBDfx Vape kit
The CBDfx Vape Kit is an all-in-one vape designed for oil vaping. It was one of the first of its kind when it was introduced years back, but now this trend of 510 thread batteries are really starting to catch on, especially now considering the popularity of oil cartridges.
The CBDfx Vape Kit is a well-constructed kit. It’s essentially a miniature mod for oil carts. The device has a 1000 mAh battery and weighs in at just under 2 ounces. It charges via micro USB with an included cable and features passthrough charging abilities. The kit comes complete with a re-fillable CBDfx vape oil cartridge and two magnetic 510 adapters so you can easily swap and drop all of your 510 compatible carts in and out.
The CBDfx vape cartridge holds 1 mL of oil/liquid and is constructed of glass and steel. It utilizes a ceramic heating element and also features adjustable airflow control, which is pretty rare for an oil cartridge. That’s good news for people who prefer a slightly looser draw. The oil cartridges are available for purchase separately on the CBDfx website.
We tested the vape kit primarily using the OG Kush and Platinum Rose terpene vape oils. The cartridge has a unique design where the chimney is attached to the top instead of the bottom. This makes it a bit easier to fill up, because you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting liquid down the central chimney section. Be sure to stay under the 1 mL max fill line or it is going to overflow when you screw the top back on.
The performance was very smooth and consistent. We were able to get quite a few refills out of a single cartridge, at least 5-6 and still counting. The cartridges perform well down to the last drop, due to the placement of the coil and wick holes. The kit produces a much more substantial cloud than disposables, so you get a higher dose of CBD with every puff. Like their vape pens, there were no dry, burnt or bad-tasting hits to speak of. The clouds are weak when the battery is low, but luckily it has passthrough charging.
The CBDfx Vape Kit is a cost effective option for using disposable vape pens. It also works with most pre-filled CBD carts and refillable 510-compatible oil cartridges on the market, and provides significantly more battery life than your typical weed pen batteries.

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Review 9.3 by vaping3.60.com